There is Hope in the Aftermath

There is always hope found in the aftermath. The incident that happened to me 8 months ago keeps on haunting me up to this day. I could still remember the wrath of a prideful person and the people who had nothing but to think of their own selfish ambitions. I am nothing but a simple and ordinary hobbyist in which I felt that I was worn out of everything that I have. All I can do is to humble myself and acknowledge my weaknesses.

Nevertheless, let me update you my fellow bloggers. I've been idle for the past 8 months recovering myself from that incident. Finally I'm already done paying my debts and I'm ready to start all over again. Visions of a Colorblind Photographer is a part of my soul which expresses my inner thoughts through photographs and video clips. I am happy to say that I am ready to start again.

I started recovering by reviving the previous posts of this photo blog. As I read each previous posts and comments, I was reminded that every content and element of this photography/literature/personal blog (or whatever you call it) has an essential role and function for the whole site. I even re-published my Facebook page. You can visit and like my page at . I even miss reading and making comments on your blog posts. Let's just say it's good to be back!

As of this moment, I still don't have a new camera and laptop. Well I hope I can join Axl's photo walks again, meet new bloggers and do more travels by next year. I'm relaying all my lap to the one who is mighty to save, for He is all that I have.

I'm asking a little favor... help me recover this photo blog again by following this blog site, liking my Facebook page and following me on Instagram :) You can see further details about my contact information found at the Behind the lens section. Thank you and let us a new journey again.


  1. Hi Biboy,welcome back to blogsphere. im sure your readers are eager to see your return and are looking forward to see what you have in store for them.

    enjoy the journey once again :)

  2. welcome back to blogsphere. I love how to determine you are to start again a new...for sure everyone has been waiting for you! God bless!

  3. It would take a while but you'll bounce back. :)

  4. Thank you guys for the loyal readership :) I'm also glad that I'll be starting reading your blog posts again :) God bless :)

  5. Joy says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting and nice meeting you here in blogsphere:) Good luck

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