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Saving a River

I've been residing in Taytay, Rizal for almost two decades and I never thought of exploring hidden treasures around the province of Rizal. I always dream of traveling around the country and discover its beauty. Amazingly, our country has a total of 7,107 islands and exploring it must take one step at a time. I believe each place has its own story to tell. No wonder why traveling is a simultaneous act of both learning and enjoying the gifts that God had given us!

As a start, I begin my journey in exploring some hidden treasures located around our place. A couple of years ago I started searching for tourist attractions in Taytay, Rizal. The first on my list is the Tres Escalon Falls. I was surprised that this ecology park is only one-jeepney ride from home. For almost 20 years, I never thought that there's a place like this near from our home.

 I wasn't really lucky after all since the first time I went in Tres Escalon Ecology Park way back 2 years ago. The park is composed of a basketball court, a botanical garden and some area designated for gatherings such as birthdays and weddings. The park is located inside Melendres Village. The waterfalls is located below the said amenities and you must go down on a very steep muddy path just to be near with the landmark. When I went there, the area leading to the waterfalls is closed and the path is quite slippery. So I didn't attempt to trek down alone. There are no any officials present around the area to guide you through the park. Maybe they were having an improvement plan during that time about saving the Tres Escalon Falls.

Good thing, I was able to take some photographs of the river, not the waterfalls. To be honest, I really like the place, it is quiet and peaceful. What I didn't like is the presence of trash and garbage polluting the ecology park.

These photographs were taken two years ago. I'm planning to visit this place again and I'm expecting that there will be improvements in the park. You can't easily notice the presence of garbage on some photographs in just one look because of the black and white color.

Beautiful places like this are all created by God and we are His stewards and caretakers of it. Thus, it is our responsibility to take care of these things. A simple act of throwing your garbage on the right place is a great start in saving the environment.

Thankful | 2012 Year End Special

picture of Filipino Living room
2012 has been a very fruitful year for me; but not in terms of travelling around the country or having more time taking photographs in the streets. It's fruitful because of the new people I met, the valuable lessons I've learned from them and the new experiences that I gained both as an oncology nurse, a believer, a colorblind and a photographer.

These things inspire me a lot in conceptualizing my photographs for the year 2012. I can say most of my photographs for this year are emotive, heartfelt and has a hidden message that you even need to open your heart just to decipher the message instilled in every photograph.

Viewing photographs is not just seeing it superficially in your own principle, but you must take time in imagining the story encrypted in every photograph.

Photography is not just about making money... It's about sending a message.

Levitation photography in the philippines

Praise and worship, victory metroeast

Zipline in Picnic grove, Tagaytay, City

Silhouette of mother and toddler

Kite flying more fun in the Philippines

kite flying in the philippines and beautiful view in Picnic grove tagaytay

Beautiful Tagaytay City

Quezon City Skyline

lonely couple nostalgic image

Quezon City Skyline facing West
Levitation photo fun nurses

Stairs pattern

Conceptual silhouette

Conceptual silhouette

beautiful blurred image

barb wire conceptual

Street sign in the Philippines

Father and son holding hands Filipino value

Floating person photography levitation

Eastwood City finest

problematic person
Makati Skyline Philippines

Makati Skyline Philippines

Makati Skyline Philippines

This 2012, we all experienced both ups and downs; and we must be thankful for it because these events happened not to pull us down but to mold us into a better person. It's like a preparation for the upcoming year of 2013.

I thank God for my family. They are so supportive in everything that I do. From my work as a nurse to my sideline as a photo hobbyist, they are always there to support me. Thank you so much!

I thank God for meeting new friends this year. They are all a blessing to me that I couldn't exchange to anything else.

I thank God for providing me the things I need in times of lack and emptiness. For He is our only unlimited source of everything. He is our provider and His grace is unending.

I know that every moment that had happened this year has a purpose and are all part of God's perfect plan. I can say that the goals that I set for this year are all met! Thank you Lord for everything!

For the year 2013... I declare prosperity, wealth and great health to all Filipino bloggers, Photobloggers, Photo hobbyists, Nurses and readers of this photography blog. If you don't know yet where to go this 2013. Just surrender everything to Him for He is the way, the truth and the life.

God bless you all this 2013!

The Night Before the Blessed Hope

Photo of Makati Cityscape aerial view from Tivoli Residence
Silence. Peace. End times. This is the final moment of seeing a beautiful city enlightened with its full might and glory. Watching from a place hundreds of feet above... I was enveloped with silence. Down there, I eluded every chaos. The sinful nature of every living creature... The pain of the sick... The suffering of the weak... The lamentation of the poor and the laughter of the corrupt.

Makati Cityscape from the roof top Tivoli Residence
I closed my eyes and breathe......... Let the blessed hope commence!

Manila Cityscape aerial view Philippines

Photo of Makati City roof top view from Tivoli Residence
‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” -Revelations 21:4

These photographs were taken at the roof deck of Iris Building Tivoli Residence in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. We were able to see the beauty of the metropolis in its blazing glory.


Child searching for stuffs, Street photography
The visions are loss. Paved its way to worldly independence, selfish thoughts and goals for growth and development. But efforts made out of human origin is somewhat loose and disorganized leading to frustrations and failure. Thus, like a sheep without a shepherd who was away from the flow. 

Father carrying son, Street Photography
Everyone needs a guide, a helper, a Father. For our plans are fragile yet His purposes are stronger. We may stumble and fall on our own but He will lift us up. We may doubt, but His provisions will give us a greater future ahead. Thus, faith and trust is we need. If you're still searching... Surrender is the key and He will carry you to places of unending grace.

Here I am down on my knees again, I hunger and thirst... I surrender.

Lone Alcohol

Partying in the Philippines
As the sun sets, work is done. Resurrecting life of the night. People gathered. Socialize. Externalize.
I sat on a bar surrounded with people. People carrying different life situations; like backpacks hoisted on their shoulders.

Nightlife in the Philippines
I met you and you sat beside me. We shared experiences. We exchanged thoughts. We laughed. We had fun.

Nightlife in the Philippines
We had a conversation.
I offered a shot of warmth from the fiery tequila. Warmness traced as the alcohol flowed from our throat.

Nightlife in the Philippines
As the conversation continues... I discovered that you're currently experiencing a cold story of pain. Silence broke from the two of us. Rebuilding our thoughts.
A single tear suddenly dropped from your eye. I looked at you.
No words was spilled from my mouth to comfort you. But my presence is enough to mend you.
There was only one glass left and I gave it to you...

Nightlife in the Philippines
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As you swallowed down to the last drop. Your vision changed. Blurred. Circling. Whirling.
Filling your world with delusions. Escaping reality.

Nightlife in the Philippines
Yes. Escaping reality. Trying to flee away from your cold story of pain through the use of lone alcohol. Heavenly isn't it? But it's only temporary.

Laruang Katutubo

Laruang Katutubo. Hindi katulad ng mga pangkaraniwang laruan na nagbibigay kaligayahan sa mga kabataan; ang laruang ito ay nagpapakita rin ng katangiang taglay nating mga Pilipino.  Para ito'y gamitin, kailangang hawakan ang tangkay nito at iikot ng dahan-dahan na parang bumubuo ng ipu-ipo. Sa pamamagitan nito, gagalaw ang mga kahoy na manok na nagmimistulang tumutuka ng kanilang hahainin. Sinisimbolo nito ang ating pagiging masipag, matiyaga at matulungin sa bawat kapwa. Ang sabay-sabay na pagtuka ng mga manok na ito ay nagpapakita ng pag-bayanihan nating mga Pilipino sa pagtaguyod na makalagpas sa mga unos na ating hinaharap.

Tunay na malikhain ang mga Pilipino. Maituturing nating isang kayamanan ang mga laruang ito, hindi dahil lamang sa bihira na natin itong makita sa siyudad, kundi dahil sa simbolong taglay ng ating pagiging isang Pilipino.


Ang larawang ito ay kinuha sa isang tindahan sa Banaue, Ifugao noong Disyembre 2009 at isang kalahok sa darating na Saranggola Blog Awards 2012

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Falling in a dream surreal image

Like what Albert Einstein said, "Knowledge is limited but imagination is endless". I was infused with a sedative. Mental cloudiness blurred my vision, senses decreased, consciousness plummeted down and darkness prevails. I felt nothing. Empty-handed. Empty body. In a flash, a striking light burst into my eyes. A light so bright which can damage your retinas in reality; but in this world it doesn't produce any pain.
Wind whirled flamboyantly in my body. I felt I was falling in mid-air but happiness conquered my heart.
As I hit the ground... I died... And I was awake again.

Glimpse of a Millisecond

I was walking in a busy street. Filled with people. Paving their own direction. Until I saw you in a glimpse of a millisecond...

Your presence gave a pounding heartbeat on my chest. Heaviness was felt. But as I remember our memories before... A cloth of healing covered my soul...

You didn't noticed that I'm looking at you whilst your walking away... Wishing time would go back and enjoy the moments we had together... Glad to see you in a glimpse of a millisecond....

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