Saturday, June 16, 2012

Having a Lift from Problems

Pinoy Levitation photography
Problems are everywhere... Can I carry a weapon and strike down each struggles I faced? 

Pinoy Levitation photography
Or just flee away and forget it...

Pinoy Levitation photography
But most of the time, escaping is not the best option...

Pinoy Levitation photography
Problems are made to mold you in having a better character and attitude... It is not made to put you down... But rather, helps you to have a lift!


  1. The best view to look at your problem is up there.. high and lifted up!

  2. sabi nga sa pbb teens ang problema parang aso pag tinakbuhan mo lalo ka hahabulin
    ganda ng levitation shots haha want ko din nyan

  3. levitation pictures nga ba tawag jan? :p

    una, nice ang caption.. ayos din ang pics..

    pero bakit nakatikwas ata yung kamay sa second pic :p hehe

  4. Very interesting, awesome and lovely poem and photos.

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